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RONNEBY BRUK AB www.ronnebybruk.com
Preasesoned and Enammel Cast Iron products for Household usage Sweden

Mario Gomez Food Management www.mariogomez.de
Alte Brauerei 1
D-33098 Paderborn. Germany
Tel: +49 52 51-288 1990
Email: kontakt@mariogomez.de
Service provider of competent and flexible solutions in fruit, vegetables business, with your requirements in the following areas like: Trade, Production, Logistics, Information, Food safety, Expert opinions.
Flexible and competent solutions for individual needs.

NGS Systems and Gogarsa. SPAIN. www.ngsystem.com www.gogarsa.com
Tel: +34 - 950619343 / +34 - 950464468
Fax: +34 - 950464013
Email: info@ngsystem.com ; info@gogarsa.com
NGS - Manufacturer of hydroponic systems for agriculture projects and GOGARSA - Manufaturer and design of Greenhouses for different types projects ( agriculture )


Boqueron Trading, CO. PANAMA. - www.boquerontrading.com
Tel: +507 - 66462367 / +507 - 60096040
Email: boquerontrading@gmail.com / info@boquerontrading.com
Skype: boquerontradingco
Import, Export, Logistics and Marketing of all types of agricultural,retail and processed products.

SERVICE PROVIDER - Marketing & Sales - Ecologic / Organic Products:

Haciendas Bio - www.haciendasbio.com/gb/
Tel: +34-686473632 - Central Tel: +34-924097000 Email: info@haciendasbio.com
HBio: ECO Organic producer of fresh vegetables & fruits from Spain. Have all approved Certificates + DEMETER Certificate.

Cortijo Las Palomas - www.cortijolaspalomas.com/en/inicio
Tel: +34-607915125 Email: info@cortijolaspalomas.com
CLP:ECO Organic producer of fresh vegetables & fruits from Spain. Have all approved Certificates.

Campo Rico - www.camporico.es/
Tel: +34-955738980 Email: administracion@huertacamporico.es / til@huertacamporico.es
HCamp: Processed ready meals long life ( 1 year ) with Vegan, Gluten Free, Halal Certificates In Conventional and Organic / Bio / Ecological raw materials.

BioFuente Web Portal: www.biocarrolo.es/
Tel: +34-616916900 Email: biofuente14@gmail.com ; joseluis@biocarrolo.es
BF: ECO Organic producer of fresh vegetables & fruits from Spain. Have all approved Certificates

Agrolife www.agrolife.es
Tel: +34 -622592588 Email: info@agrolife.es
AF: ECO Organic producer of fresh vegetables & fruits from Spain. Have all approved Certificates

Greenfood Organic www.green-food.net/en/
Tel: +34-952527730 Email: info@green-food.net
GFO: ECO Organic producer of fresh vegetables & fruits, and 5 th gama processed products from Spain. Have all approved Certificates

IIDEA Company - www.iidea.com.mx/en
Tel-Mexico: +52-33-30034450 ; Tel-Europe:+31-20-3337590 Emails- Mexico: info@iidea.com.mx ; info@naturelwest.eu
IIDEA: Producer of all types Eco/Organic Agave products. Only in world with ECO/Organic Tequila from Mexico.

Organic Nature Portugal - www.organicnature.eu
Tel: +351-220999771 Email: info@organicnature.eu
ON: ECO Organic producer of fresh vegetables & fruits from Nothern Portugal. Have all approved Certificates


JEX TECHNOLOGY - www.jextechnology.com
Tel: +34 - 665384523
Email: escobar@jextechnology.com
SKYPE: jextechnology
Design, Project Management, Technical assistance and consulting of Agricultural Projects Worldwide.

For more information contact us at:
Til Trading | AGNESFRIDSVÄGEN 81, 4TR, SE - 21237 | MALMÖ | SWEDEN