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Market-Based Management Consulting - Few things are certain and only change seems to be constant. Competitors, customers, systems, trends and technology will continue to change. New innovations can nibble away your market share, while you wonder; "Why didn't we think of that?" If your business is product-focused, it's probably time to look beyond features and price to keep pace with the changes around you and begin to create a climate of Sustainable Innovation.

Becoming market-driven and managing your creative and innovative spirit drives profit and puts you ahead of the competition. Til Trading can walk you and your staff through the process of nurturing "practiced creativity". An Innovation Focused, Market-Based Business, will both understand the Customer and make Sustainable Innovation a cornerstone of their enterprise.

Let Til Trading guide you through the process of becoming market-driven. Your company's ability to deal with and anticipate change can be the difference between a reactionary stopgap band-aid, or a calm, cool, and calculated move. As author Roger Best puts it: "Companies slow to comprehend change will follow with reactive strategies, while still others will disappear not knowing that change has even occurred". Til Tradingáhas many years experience as service provider to a number of companies. We offer Consulting Programs to give you the tools to manifest Sustainable Innovation and become Market-Driven.

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