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You wouldn't start building a house without a plan, so why would you start selling without implementing a focused marketing plan? From a simple Guerilla Marketing Program detailing key marketing elements, up to full-blown Marketing Plans, Til Trading can deliver the blueprints you need. Complete with Product Positioning, Life Cycle Planning, SWOT Analysis, Advertising, and PR campaigns. Til Trading can develop a program to fit your needs. Email us to set-up a free consultation.

Product stale? Run its course? Perhaps not. Til Trading utilizes broad scope analysis methods to look under every rock. From flea markets to foreign markets, there just may be some buried treasure out there. Life Cycle Extension Planning can be done on a % market share fee or commissioned basis.

Designed to help you focus your Product Design and Development process, or maximize your Sales Efforts. The Channel of Trade Analysis is designed to match your product to the Market Segments that will deliver both short-term and long-term profit goals. The Channel of Trade Analysis reviews the Total Available Market, Market Segments, Competition, Pricing, Margin Structures, Packaging and more. This service is done on a fee basis. Email us for a free consultation.

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