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Dynamic and Strategic Selling

A dynamic process that can yield solid long-term results when the product and market channel are properly matched. Til Trading´s professionals will develop a sales strategy that presents your product to the right market, the right people, at the right time. Before you start the race…know the course. Let Til Trading help you make the most of your product's potential.

Working from a solid base of relationships and account knowledge, Til Trading will put together not just a sale, but also a plan for a long-term profitable relationship. Til Trading can put your products in front of the decision makers, but that's only one step of the process. The retail world is complex and full of surprises with just about as many ways to loose money as there are ways to make money. Let Til Trading help guide you through these rocky waters to a safe and profitable harbor. Key Account Sales are done by Market Segment, or by account on a commission basis. Email us for details.

If a force of 20 or more sales professionals is what you need, Til Trading can help you create a top-notch team that matches your market penetration goals. Perhaps you already have a sales force that needs some tender loving care, or just an opportunity to raise the bar. Til Trading has the experience and communication skills to share product and market knowledge that excites, educates, and motivates. Sales Force Development can be done on a fee basis or commission basis. Email us for details and to arrange a free consultation.

It always gets down to time and money…here's some of both! Somewhere on your list is that market segment, channel of trade, or list of accounts that just never seem to get your attention. Til Trading will put together a fast and furious approach that can deliver results in a hurry. Targeted e-mails, mailers, relationship networking, or sample & follow-up campaigns will let you reach those undiscovered profits. Niche-market Sales can be done on a % Market Share fee or on a commission basis. Email us for details.

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